GLOBAL OCEAN MARINE, Mission is providing eco-friendly, efficient and cost effective solutions, in orderto solve the maintenance and fouling problems for hull boat. We Belong to a worldwide network of professional services that use Keelcrab technology and help us spreading a new paradigm in nautical and underwater maintenance. The aim is not only to expands a market but also to instill a new awareness among consumers: the importance of a continuous and constant maintenance of their boat through GREEN solutions capable of bringing multiple benefits.KEEL CRAB is the first of a new generation of underwater drones that performs automated cleaning and hull inspection operations. The drone remains attached to the hull thanks to the vacuum / aspiration force, removing any algae or typical vegetation that grows on the hull during long periods of rest in enclosed harbors, Keelcrab cleans 2 m² per minute. Thanks to its rubber or PVA brushes on tracks the drone easily moves in all directions on any surface. The high-resolution underwater camera installed on the drone allows Keelcrab to be maneuvered via a remote control with cord and may be connected to a tablet or phone. As for the cleaning aspect KeelCrab is equipped with central counter-rotating brushes with nylon bristles of varying length and size and easily interchangeable depending on your needs. The brushes are A.N.C.C.P. certified and do not remove anti-fouling paints. On the contrary, they make them.

Last longer: numerous tests have shown that removing the first layer of vegetation (3/5 mm) on a regular basis significantly extends the efficiency of the anti-fouling agent; this prevents barnacles from attaching to the hull in the medium term.

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